About LYFF

Leeds Young Film Festival is the UK’s most interactive young people’s film event with annual audiences of over 10,000 children, young people and families. It encompasses The Film House, Leeds Animation Central and Reel Kids and screens films from around the world made both for and by young people, alongside moving-image related workshops and masterclasses. Other features include the Young Animator of the Year Award and Leeds Young Filmmakers’ Golden Owl Awards, showcasing the talent of young filmmakers from across the city, in partnership with ArtForms and Vista.


Leeds Young Film, part of Leeds City Council’s City Development Department, creates and sustains opportunities for young people and their families to develop their creativity and education through exploration of the moving image and interactive arts, from greater access to international film culture to experience of filmmaking, career development and showcasing.


These opportunities are delivered through programmes which work alongside and with young people, both in and outside of settings such as formal education. Activities include: MediaFish, Not For Rental, BFI Film Academy, Cinema Takeover, various filmmaker competitions, Leeds Young Film Festival and year-round film screenings.

The Film House

The Film House at Leeds Town Hall is an interactive, immersive themed experience for the whole family that takes place every Easter. Based on a popular film theme the Town Hall is transformed every year into a magical world of storytelling. Previous themes have included Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Dr. Seuss.

Leeds VR Zone at Leeds City Museum

New for 2017, Leeds VR Zone gives you the opportunity to experience the latest in moving image technology including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 360′ filmmaking.

The first VR programme in the UK curated especially for children and families includes the latest VR experiences using state of the art technology as well as an introduction as to how you can view VR and 360′ films on your smartphone.

Animation Central at Carriageworks Theatre

Animation Central at Carriageworks Theatre offers young people and their families everything they ever wanted to know about animation, with special guests from lots of favourite films and TV shows.  Workshops and masterclasses are provided for children of all ages and abilities, from making an animated flickerbook through to creating digital 3D effects.

Each year children have the opportunity to work together over the Easter weekend to create a collaborative animated film based on a specific theme. For 2017 this was LEGO Batman and the finished film can be seen here.

Reel Kids

Reel Kids is the section of the festival that gives you the chance to see new and unseen films from around the world. Often live action, these stories give you the chance to see how other young people live their lives and the things they get up to.

Reel Kids screenings at the Film Festival are often the only chance you’ll get to see these films in the UK, although many have won awards at other film festivals around the world.