Antboy III

An arch enemy out of prison, a new villain striving to rule the world and a mysterious superhero on the horizon to steal his spotlight. Summer holidays looked so sweet before it all went wrong for Pelle, who watches over the town of Middellund as young superhero Antboy. But with his best friend Wilhelm having lost all interest in saving the world, Pelle will need to find new alliances to fight the rising evil. Alone, who can you ask for help when everything seems against you?

This screening will be preceded by the short film


Dir.: Aaron Ellis
Australia, 2015, 9 mins
Maxy, through his good sense of judgement and likability has scored himself a decent marble collection in the marble craze at his school and has become a force in the sandpit. School bully Plugga catches wind of Maxy’s growing collection. With this newfound knowledge, Plugga devises a plan to stop Maxy in his tracks. Will Maxy overcome Plugga or will he fall victim to his antics like so many before him?