Creating 3D Graphics for Virtual Reality

Fri 14 – Sat 15 April
10am and 3.30pm sessions

Workshops cannot be booked online. Please book in advance via phone/ in person with City Centre Box Office (0113 376 0318)

Suitable for ages 9+
This workshops is for children only. Parents / carers should drop them off 10 minutes before start time

In this workshop we will teach you how to create content for 3D animated films, computer games and virtual reality. You will create your own virtual reality experience that you can share with friends and family. You will learn the basics of making 3D models on the computer, applying materials, animating them and then outputting your work to be viewed with a virtual reality headset. We will be using Blender (, a complete package that is used to make films/games. It is also free, so students can continue at home.

Workshop leaders: Monique and Tom (Blender and 3Dami)

We are also running a Girls Only Session.