LEGO Batman Animation Workshop with Spite Your Face

Fri 14 РSun 16 April
10.00am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm sessions

Workshops cannot be booked online. Please book in advance via phone/ in person with City Centre Box Office (0113 376 0318)

This workshops is for children only. Parents / carers should drop them off 10 minutes before start time.

Make your very own LEGO Batman Movie and learn the secrets of Brick Filmmaking animation from one of the best LEGO animators in the business! Throughout the festival, animator Tony Mines will be working with small groups of children to animate a different chapter of the story. Working in teams, children will learn storytelling and animation skills. Every workshop will be different so book as many slots as you like and learn how to animate like a superhero!

If you want to help make the soundtrack, book onto the LEGO Batman Special Effects Workshop!

The finished film will be premiered at Animation Central on Monday 17 April at 14:30
Animator/director Tony Mines has has directed commercials for television and cinema. He is most well known for taking Brick filmmaking to dizzying heights, creating animated films for the LEGO company and their respective clients, including SONY, Marvel Entertainment, Lucasfilm and Python Pictures. His company, Spite Your Face were amongst the earliest trailblazers in online video content with their pioneering series of official LEGO animations that helped propel LEGO animation as a hobby worldwide. His specialty is in bringing classical and traditional styles to modern productions though handcraft skills in animation and illustration, as well as photography and storytelling.