Master Spy

While working undercover at the seaside as a spy in the 1970s, Simon is discovered and ends up being cryogenically frozen. Nearly 50 years later he is discovered and thawed out by Tim, a young boy who has moved from the city with his parents to open an old hotel. Simon still has a case to solve and with the help of Tim, some gadgets from the 1970s combined with modern technology, they set off to unmask the villain, rescue Simon’s old partner and save the world.

This screening will be preceded by the short film

The Debt

Dir.: Helen Flanagan
Ireland, 2016, 12 mins
When lovestruck ten year old Daithi falls for his beautiful and unattainable classmate Jessica he turns to his best friend Penny, a rough and tumble tomboy from a broken home, to help him win her heart.