Mr Frog

A normal afternoon, an ordinary class, children stare at their favourite teacher. “Croaaak!”, they say and laugh. But who would have thought he can actually turn into a frog? It turns out their teacherhas two lives – one as a normal human and one as a jumpy, green amphibian – and days become much more exciting for animal loving Sita and her friends. When a stork moves closer to their school, Mr. Frans is in real danger! Based on the novel by bestselling Dutch author Paul van Loon.

This screening will be preceded by the short film

When Sparrows Munch

Dir.: Elisa Klement
Germany, 2016, 11 mins
Five-year-old Willi has a dog, a very special one. But because some grown-ups don’t seem to understand this, Schnuffi is thrown away. Willi knows: with fantasy everything is possible! And suddenly he has a sparkly new idea.