Pete’s Dragon

Following the death of his parents in a car crash 5-year-old Pete is rescued and befriended by a big green furry dragon, whom he names Eliot, after his favourite book. Six years later, Pete is discovered living wild in the forest by a team of lumberjacks and is taken back to civilisation. Eliot, alone and worried about his friend, goes after him, alerting the authorities to his existence. Pete tries to return to Eliot but with hunters following him, it could mean trouble for the big friendly dragon…

This screening is available with cinema audio description, A.D. headphones can be borrowed at the cinema.

The screening will be preceded by the short film

I’m Scared

Dir.: Pete Levin
USA, 2016, 5 mins
UK Premiere
8-year-old insomniac Ralf describes to his little brother all of the dangers that lurk in the shadows, waiting to devour the two of them. A¬†short film based on the art of pop-surrealist painter Greg “Craola” Simkins.