School Screening: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

*Please Note*: This is a schools screening only.

Into Film is pleased to bring you a schools’ screening of HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE as part of our Spring Screenings programme. Schools can book here.

Twelve-year-old Ricky has never settled into life in the foster care system. After a string of petty misdemeanours, he’s sent to live in a remote location with Bella and her gruff husband Hec. The change of pace and Bella’s frank openness is good for Ricky, especially when she gives him his own pet dog that he names Tupac. However, all is turned upside down when events suddenly force Ricky to flee with Tupac into the bush, with Hec hot on his heels. Despite previously not having much to say to one another, the two find themselves bonding deep in the wilderness as the authorities set up a wide-sweeping manhunt to find them.