The Princess Bride

‘Heroes. Giants. Villains. Wizards. True Love. Not just your basic, average, everyday, ordinary, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum fairy tale.’ While poorly at home, a young boy’s Grandad cheers him up by reading him an ancient story called The Princess Bride. We meet Buttercup – destined to be married to the dastardly Prince Humperdinck, whom she does not love. When he kidnaps her before their wedding, Westley, her real childhood sweetheart shows up, in the guise of hero Dread Pirate Roberts to throw a spanner in the works. Will Westley and his friend the great swordsman Inigo Montoya be able to defeat the evil prince in time? And what will the feisty Buttercup have to say about all this? Celebrate the 30th anniversary of this thrilling all-time cinematic classic.