Young European Creation on Tour Short Films

FREE, unreserved seating

In addition to the FREE Animated Short Film Audience Award programme every morning at Animation Central at 10am, we also show two FREE short film programmes on Fri 14 and Sun 16 April at 4pm, where we will be showcasing the best new animated short films from Europe. A great way to end the day at Animation Central.

The Young European Creation on Tour program has been compiled by Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne and is composed of 9 short films made for children by young independent filmmakers.  You will discover the best of European digital creation from France, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Belgium and Hungary!
These short films of great quality and sensitivity will show you the best creators of tomorrow. 2D, 3D, puppets…, these different kinds of animation will fascinate children and grown-ups!

Catch it!
Dirs.: Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn, Jordan Soler
France, 2015, 5mins
A group of meerkats takes care of its beloved and unique fruit near their burrow, but a vulture intends to disturb their peace of mind…

The Little Shoe Maker
Dirs.: Galaad Alais, Terry Bonvard, Charley Carlier, Romain Cislo, Pierre-Yves Lefebvre, Philippe Lim, Benjamin Mariotte, Karen Nawfal
France, 2015, 5:32mins
A cobbler is so good at his craft that he makes shoes that come to life. Who would have thought that they would even end up helping him one day?

Circus of red poppy
Dir.: Martin Smatana
Slovakia, 2015, 5mins
Once upon a starry night, a small boy with a head full of fantasies witnesses dreamlike circus performances

Dir.: Daniel Harisberger
Dir.: Switzerland, 2014, 6mins
A koala astronaut ventures into alien galaxies and explores new worlds. Unfortunately, not only is the astronaut extremely clumsy, he is also dogged by bad luck. Alone on a strange planet and with no possibility of getting back, he must make his way in this exotic world.

Dir.: Paul Cichon
Germany, 2014, 4 mins
Inside an office there’s a coffeemaker which is used frequently by the employees. Little do they know that the machine is a tiny kitchen and every coffee is actually brewed by an opossum. But one day…

Dir.: Elena Walf
Germany, 2015, 7 mins
Three great mountains show off their possessions to one another – oil, gold and fire. The little mountain sitting next to them, on the other hand, owns something that appears to be small and useless. This animated film shows how deceptive first impressions can be.

Dirs.: Claire Souquet, Sophie Annibal, Sophie Stanculescu, Nina Degrendel, Sophie Heidenreich
France, 2015, 3 mins
In a silent and without relief world, a little girls meets a strange creature. Wonderful landscapes then appears …

Hurry up!
Dir.: Margot Reumont
Belgium, 2015, 5 mins
At rush hour, a fruit crowd throngs into the metro to the frantic rhythm of the music until the terminus: a supermarket.

Hey, Deer!
Dir.: Ors Barczy
Hungary, 2015, 6 mins
An adorable, cocoa-drinking deer who is eager to tidy and shoveling in front of his house every day. However, there is a suspicious earthquake all night which causes the mess day by day.