Cartoon fun live on stage this Easter with The Animation Show

Do your kids love LEGO, Postman Pat, Clangers, Bob the Builder, or Noddy? Want a bargain live family show this Easter all about something they love: cartoons?!

Go behind the scenes of your kids’ favourite animated shows this Easter with the people behind the magic LIVE on stage. David Bunting (Shaun the Sheep, Chuggington) will host each show where you can watch cartoons together this Easter and get involved with the action. Each show features:

  • Animation trivia quiz with brill prizes up for grabs
  • Help make an animation live on the big screen
  • Join in with a cartoon singalong
  • See surprise special guests…!

We caught up with David Bunting about what to expect…

It’s going to be a high energy, bouncy, spirited and excitable mix of short films, trivia, and behind the scenes movie making for all the family! We are going to celebrate the art of animation, from family favourites to great independent movie making from around the world. Every day, we are going to welcome a guest from the world of animation to discover what they do and how they got into it!

On Saturday we welcome Art Director Tori Davis all the way from Lego HQ in Denmark. She’s an incredible artist who designing some of LEGO’s coolest upcoming television series. She’s been helping to lead the top secret, future girls shows… and Batman! We also have Paul Couvella, who’s a stop motion animator. He’s currently animating on Scream Street, and has worked on Noddy, Oakie Doke, Bob the Builder, Toby’s Travelling Circus and Twirlywoos, to name a few!

On Easter Sunday we have another great stop motion animator, John Ashton, responsible for bringing to life family favourites including Postman Pat, Clangers, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion. going to be bringing a famous guest with him.

And on Easter Monday we have the envy of children everywhere, Tony Mines, who gets paid to animate his favourite films in LEGO! His films are so good, he’s helped make Lego animation, or Brick film-making, into an art form. As well as showing us his work, he’s also going to premiere the LEGO film he’s been making during the festival with children.

We’ve got a great quiz with some very special prizes up for grabs. We are also going to be making film during the show, and will be looking for volunteers to help!

Parents will love it too. We have something for everyone and after a day doing workshops, this is a really great way to come together as a family and share a love of animation. We’ve got some classic animated nostalgia for the adults, comparing the shows we grew up with today’s shows and little animated gems you may never have seen before.”

The whole family can be there for just £10 with a Family Ticket! Which day should you choose?

Saturday 15th April
For fans of: LEGO, LEGO Friends, Noddy, Oakie Doke, Bob the Builder, Toby’s Travelling Circus, Postman Pat, Twirlywoos
With Tori Davis (LEGO) and Paul Couvela (Noddy, Toby’s Traveling Circus)

Sunday 16th April
For fans of: Postman Pat, Clangers, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
With animator John Ashton

Monday 17th April
For fans of: LEGO, Marvel, Star Wars
With brick animator Tony Mines, who works with Marvel and LucasFilm to create Lego brick animations based on Marvel and Star Wars films. Best job ever?!