Golden Owls, The INDIs & Young Jury Award Winners at LYFF16

Young Jury Award for Best Film at LYFF16

We are very excited to announce the full list of LYFF16 Award Winners. These include the winners for Best Film, as selected by The Young Jury, two juries of young film experts of ages 7-11 and 12+.

Award Winners

The award winners for new films screened at LYFF16 include those chosen by our Younger Jury (7-11) and Older Jury (12-15):

Younger Jury Award: Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang

Older Jury Award: Landfill Harmonic

Short Film: The Blue & the Beyond

The Younger Jury said of Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang: ‘1,000,000 stars out of 5. We chose this film because it is very well thought-out and really funny. Even though it is in a different language, we felt like we were being part of the plot. It has amazing acting in it and we were constantly on the edge of the seat because of the great adventures.’

The Older Jury said of Landfill Harmonic: ‘Watching this film was really inspiring because we saw what people can do with so little resources. It makes you think. The characters were all likeable and they made you think you should try harder. It is a very relatable documentary.’

The Younger Jury said of The Blue & the Beyond: ‘This short film is set out really cleverly. It works without speech but we didn’t really realise that it had no dialogue. It gave us the opportunity to add our own speech instead.’

Leeds Young Filmmaker Golden Owls Awards 2016

golden owls logo

The fifth annual Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards was held at Leeds Town Hall on Thursday 31 March. It was presented by ArtForms, Leeds Young Film Festival 2016, Child Friendly Leeds, Leeds City Council and Vista, and hosted by Gary Damer and Hannah Margaret. The winners were:

Westroyd Primary, in the Schools Key Stage 1 category for ‘Patch in Need’

Shakespeare Primary, in the Schools Key Stage 2 category for ‘My Friend Ella’

The Cooperative Academy, in the Schools Key Stage 3&4 category for ‘The New Boy’

BFI Film Academy Leeds, in the Schools Key Stage 5 category for ‘The Big Question’

Charlie Walton, in the Individuals Under 11 category for ‘Electric Palace’
Special Mention: Charlie Mason for technical excellence in ‘The Mayhem Machine’

Oliver Judd, in the Individuals 12-15 category for ‘The Way We Were’

Niamh Kirby, in the Individuals 16-19 category for ‘Emily’
Special Mention: Eden and Mia Ottman for maturity and emotional intelligence in ‘Alone’

First Shot Film Academy, in the Community Groups category for ‘Fairy Troubles’

Westroyd Primary, in the MediaFish Perspective Award with Child Friendly Leeds for ‘Patch in Need’

The INDIs (Independent Directions) 2016

Young Filmmakers’ Day hosted the fifth INDIs (Independent Directions) Awards, showcasing some remarkable films by talented young filmmakers in its four age categories. The ceremony took place at Hyde Park Picture House on Tuesday 29 March, with the support of The Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund and the IAC (Institute of Amateur Cinematography). The winners in the four different age categories were:

Under 11
Electric Palace by Charlie Walton

12 – 15
Locating Love by Frankie Jamieson

16 – 19
Nomination by Sam Jones

20 – 25
Gracie by Matthew Morgan

IAC (Institute of Amateur Cinematography) Overall Winner (£250 Prize)
Locating Love by Frankie Jamieson

MMBF Rising Star Award (£250):
Joe Hurn, lead actor in Locating Love

Short Film Audience Award:
Tom Babbitt Animated Short of Natalie Babbitt’s The Something