The #LYFF2017 Guide for…Under 5’s

Cinema trips can be expensive and difficult for your little ones: you’ve got to pay a fortune for the tickets, sweets, getting there, and THEN they are bored after 10 minutes (that, or need the toilet no matter how many times you checked they were OK during the adverts…)

Not at Leeds Young Film Festival. Reasons we’re a great way to spend your Easter with your mini films fan:

1. Our tickets are amazing value

Forget paying £7 for your three year old: our family tickets for up to four of you before 5pm are just £10! Under 18s are £3, and grown ups are a fiver. You won’t find new films at the cinema for cheaper in Leeds.


2. We pick films that made specific to your family’s age range

We have an awesome selection of brand new films made specifically for under 5s from all over the world. All our start times are 10.30am so not TOO early for you, and not too late for them. Here’s what we’ve picked specially for the tiniest of film fans:

Sheep and Wolves (Monday 10th April, 10.30am)

A flock of sheep have to learn to live next to a pack of wolves in this beautiful animation from Russia (don’r worry, it’s all in English – no reading of subtitles needed!). The very first film of #LYFF2017!



Super Furry Animals (Tue 11th April, 10.30am)

Noooo not the band off of the 90s! Super cute cartoon with adorable critters crash landing in the jungle





Raven the Little Rascal (Wed 12 April, 10.30am)

Mischief-making Raven needs to win  a car race to replace the food supply he just accidentally destroyed. Naughty Raven! Every kid in Germany knows the books this new animation is based on (don’t worry, again it’s all in English).



Molly Monster (Thu 13 April, 10.30am)

You’d think the animation of this one is straight from a Dr Seuss book. Just gorgeous! Molly Monster journeys to be at the birth of her baby brother.





Our start times are the FILM start times. No messing around, no being sold to by toy companies or car manufacturers; cinema is just cinema.

4. There’s extra fun and games to keep the young uns entertained

Ever been to a baby rave? Boomchikkaboom will be bringing their unique and fun workshops for under 5s to the cinema, including half-time treats for two extra special events, where we totally don’t mind if it’s noisy, or your little people would like to  toddle around. Book here to bring your little Belles and Gastons to Beauty and the Beast (the original!) and here for TV on the big screen with Revolting Rhymes.


5. You can drop in and play (for free!) at Animation Central

From Friday 14-Monday 17 (Easter Weekend in case you forgot!) we’ve got completely FREE drop in sessions at Animation Central at Carriageworks Theatre designed for 3-5 year olds. Perfect to occupy little brothers and sisters if your older kids are on one of our workshops, too. We’ve got a LEGO Play Zone where they can build to their heart’s content, and you can also work together as a family to create your very soundtrack for Tiny Pop and Channel 5’s Toby’s Travelling Circus . No need to book, we’re open at the Carriageworks Theatre 10am-5pm each day of Easter weekend.


Let us know what you’re bringing the kids do on Twitter and Instagram – @leedsyoungilm, #LYFF2017